The Ivanhoe, Hackensack, NJ

Standard Features

  • AAMA rated SD-AW65
  • Single slide (XO, OX, XOX, OXO, OXXO configurations)
  • 12 psf water test
  • Superior thermal strut
  • Color and/or finishes can differ from interior to exterior of door
  • Stainless steel covered raised track and adjustable stainless steel ball
  • bearing rollers provide smooth operation
  • 1" glazing
  • Wall thickness: 0.093" at frame head and jambs; 0.080" at door panels; 0.125" at frame sill
  • Wet glazed with silicone and snap-in glazing beads


  • Heavy duty rolling insect screen
  • Mates with fixed transoms and/or sidelites
  • Extruded aluminum limit stops
  • Dual glazing with removable access panels (can be combined with polycarbonate glazing for vandal resistant applications)
  • 5/8" deep internal blinds
  • 3/8" deep extruded profiled muntins (exterior applied or between dual glazing)
  • Impact resistant (level of performance based on glazing and door components)
  • 15 psf water test

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