Passionate Engineers

For three generations, the Laino family has driven Architectural Window to be a company that is passionately dedicated to providing architects and their clients with exceptional performance. Superior product engineering is the foundation of the enterprise. Here, architects can refine their specifications to assure that each window is precisely suited to its purpose.

Passionate Engineers 640

Our engineers work directly with you to enhance and develop products that assure performance, safety, and longevity.

Testing a prototype window before manufacturing.

Testing a prototype window before manufacturing.

Imagine an engineering company that decided to focus exclusively on making the world’s best window systems. You’ve just pictured Architectural Window. We maintain a full staff of experienced window professionals to assist you with all your window needs from design through installation.

Through a combination of superior design, engineering and manufacturing backed by hands-on corporate structure, Architectural Window’s products achieve the highest AAMA ratings. In a world beset with litigious risk, your reputation and business depend on delivering long-term performance. That’s our forte.

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