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November 19th, 2009

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Builders and developers may find useful information here in understanding the many issues that architects and building envelope consultants face when writing specifications and designing windows for their structures.


The Acoustical Society of America ( offers lists of national and international acoustical standards for sale. However, you can now download at no charge American National Standards on Acoustics, Acoustical Performance Guidelines for Schools, Classroom Acoustics I and II, articles from the current issue of Acoustics Research Letters Online.

New standards for acoustical attenuation are constantly being set by federal, state and local authorities.  Architects and builders need to stay up to date as they design and contract for buildings in the northeast, especially for urban developments and buildings that are close to airports.

Schools are another category of construction where noise attenuation has been increasingly addressed.  Other codes deal with air quality and fire stafety.  The New York Department of Education, Office of Facilities Planning website ( provides code forms, checklists and workbooks; fire safety, mechanical, and operation and maintenance regulations; other school construction rules and regulations, including College Fire Safety Manual, Public School Fire Safety Manual and Nonpublic Fire Safety Manual. Can download Manual of Planning Standards for School Buildings and Indoor Air Quality Manual.

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November 19th, 2009


The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Schaumburg, IL, has updated its AAMA 506-08, a voluntary specification for impact and cycle testing. According to Ken Brenden, AAMA technical standards manager, the revamped seven-page document, first published in 2000 and titled “Voluntary Specifications for Impact and Cycle Testing of Fenestration Products,” includes several updates.

The document is designed to provide a system for rating the ability of windows, doors, skylights and sliding glass doors to withstand impact and pressure cycling generally associated with hurricane conditions.

“In addition to various editorial changes, the most significant changes were the addition of a new section 8.0, ‘Qualification of Alternate Constructions,’ although these alternate constructions or details must also successfully complete all requirements of Section 6.0 to be qualified, therefore, some additional testing may be required,” stated Brenden.

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November 19th, 2009


For the first time in its 170-year history, FM Global, Johnston, RI, one of the world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurers, will release thousands of pages of its previously exclusive property loss prevention engineering guidelines at no cost through its Web site:

FM Global’s Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets provide large-scale businesses, facility and risk managers, as well as the architects, consultants and contractors who work for them, a valuable tool to help prevent property damage and maintain business continuity due to threats posed by fire, weather conditions and failure of electrical or mechanical equipment.

The engineering guidelines contain a wealth of risk prevention information on hundreds of topics, ranging from building construction and fire prevention, to industrial equipment maintenance and natural disaster preparedness. Users who download the content also receive automatic notification via e-mail when data sheets are updated. FM Global is the only commercial property insurer that develops and provides this type of technical data, all of which is based on scientific research and nearly two centuries of loss prevention experience.

FM Global’s decision to make its loss prevention data available at no cost reflects the changing risk profiles of its clients around the world, especially the increasing interdependence of businesses brought about as a result of globalization and technology, the company stated.

“Companies are now so intertwined and geographically dispersed, that to help them reduce risk and prevent loss, it is beneficial to make our intellectual property widely accessible,” said Tom Lawson, FM Global’s senior vice president, engineering and research.

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